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"Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people, it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
- John Quincy Adams

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Printed on 2/5/10

Preserve Your Life And Liberty

Political Tsunami

Your voices are being heard. Recent elections have been nothing short of a tidal-wave of you the voters demanding our government stop its plunge into a sea of red ink, entitlements for all, and liberty for none. From TEA parties to private, worried conversations, citizens just like you are waking up to these grim realities and we are not happy.

In January it was Massachusetts. In March it is Colorado's turn. Party caucuses will be held on March 16. We must be ready to launch the most aggressive and effective campaign that has been waged in many years.

We must prepare because, as history shows us, discontent does not always yield a better result. There must be solid leadership to focus this energy into productive, long-term policies.

That is why we developed the HEARTH Fund. For such a time as this the HEARTH Fund was created to help citizens like you to identify and significantly help candidates who best represent your values.

As a member of the HEARTH Fund you can be a part of the team that will move our state toward the principles of life and liberty.

Please join the HEARTH Fund today and pass on this valuable information to everyone you think might be interested in re-establishing the principles of good government for Colorado and future generations,

For Life and Liberty!

State Senator Kevin Lundberg

Be a part of the voice of freedom that can restore our Godly heritage!

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